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The vision of our Leadership team is to hold up a Christ centered relationship with our Creator and with each other.  To do this and do it well, we needed to be seeking God in our daily walk, more than just one day a week.

We also wanted to take the gifts, talents and skills we all have as a collective into our community.

#LIFE is our LOVE of God in action outside of the four walls of a building.  We pool our gifts, talents and skills together into areas of social engagement and interest to draw our community into whanau focused activities.

We believe that churches need to be seen in communities as more than just preaching scriptures at people but getting alongside them, loving on them as Jesus has loved on us and applying those scriptures as love in action.




Covid puts the kibosh on weekend fishing comps (GISBORNE HERALD)

Published March 04, 2021 1:27PM

The fish have been given a reprieve this weekend with two fishing competitions rescheduled due to the Covid-19 alert level change.

The Fishing Comp at Midway surfcasting event, which was to be held on Saturday, has been postponed to Saturday, March 13.

Surfcasters brave cool conditions (GISBORNE HERALD)

by Jack Marshall

Published March 15, 2021 1:37PM

Fish were not the only ones in the water over the weekend.  Surfcasters made their way into the waves on Saturday hoping for the biggest catch at the Fishing Comp at Midway.  One of the competition organisers Tekuramea Karere said they had a great turn-out despite the conditions.

The Midway Fishing Competition evolved from a desire to create

a space for whanau to enjoy time together.

We have a saying in our Church "Enjoying Life Together".  The fishing competition was postponed due to a Covid level change but as soon as the levels returned to normal, we went ahead.


Although it was not the best day (cold and wet) there were over one hundred entries and lots of great prizes that our organising committee worked hard to gather.


We had lots of amazing feedback and the prizes were enjoyed by a range of ages from children to grandparents.  

25 - 27 June


A weekend set aside for anyone to come and join in and fellowship.  It was unbelievable how God moved. We all spent time together in prayer, in worship, in fellowship and were soaked in the testimonies of God moving in all of our lives... From Friday to Sunday the whole weekend with nothing but Jesus, Jesus, Jesus being shared. Our catch phrase "Get 'em" lol... spoken words of encouragement... Declarations of standing as a warrior for our God with no ground given, but taking ground for Jesus the lover of our souls... The Word of God food for our walk, for our spirit and for our transformation from death to life...

We all found it so hard to go home because we loved being around the fire of The Holy Spirit in each of us. 


2022 October

With the onset of a wedding and lots to do Meeting Place Tairawhiti

pitched in to help the engaged couple prepare their house for their wedding day.

Paint brushes, sandpaper, spades and water blasters were the order for the day followed by a delicious BBQ.  We were priveleged to bless our time and energy to this amazing couple and as a sidenote, we all enjoyed their wedding day too.

Sanding, waterblasting & painting
Weeding, planting, trimming & mowing
All done
Nov 2022

Turanganui Cultural Festival

Wow, how blessed were we to assist with this Cultural Festival for Turanganui a Kiwa Kohanga Reo, Early Learning Centres and Schools.  This was an amazing experience helping the team to organise schools onto and off the stage, managing areas for the audience so they have the best and safest view of their tamariki and mokopuna.  Big thanks to our girl Kaere Pari (Intent worship) who asked us to take part. It was a week of fun, relationships and interaction going above and beyond what we were asked to do.

Mathew on guard
Turanganui Cultural Festival
All our beautiful volunteers
Dec 2022

Marae Clean up

Wedding bells were ringing this year as another amazing couple were

ready to tie the knot but not until we offered to help clear out some trees that were in the way.

It was our absolute pleasure to assist them but also the Marae because these trees were lying, right where the ceremony was to be held.  Our church whanau pulled out their chainsaws and safety gear and cleared fallen trees and branches into firewood which was carted off for whanau and the Marae.

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