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(Discipleship) D Groups

We have six D-Groups operating in 2022.  Participants of our D-Groups mostly live in or around Gisborne however, Covid taught us that using technology to reach our whanau on outlying farms to deliver bible study, prayer and relational connection was awesome.

D-Groups started the week New Zealand went to Level 4 lockdown. It was a great way to stay connected with each other and grow understandings about who we are as children of God and foundational understandings of our faith.

Antony Ruru leads our Discipleship stream and is integral to the planning of the concepts being shared and the structure that underpins how each group runs:


Feed the body, Feed the mind and Feed the spirit…


The Concepts we are learning during D Group are:

Foundations of Faith – the basis of our beliefs.

Identity – who we are as children of God.

Jesus Ministry – to follow Christ means to serve and love in the same way that He did.

Stewarding what belongs to God - stewarding well what God has put us in charge of for His glory

Dialogue vs Monologue - Our communication with God

In Alignment with God - Our relationship with God

The War Room - Praying in specifics

Women of the Bible - A study into the courage, obedience, hardships and journey's of faith... specific to women

Kingdom Principles - Mindset, Dialogue, Relationships, Finances and Health.

Transformed Hearts - What should it look like and sound like when your hearts are transformed by a Living god?


What is a D Group?


Contact information

If you would like to participate in a D-Group or would like more information about them, then please contact us by clicking the button below.

We would love to hear from you


How does a D Group run?

Examples of what our D-Groups share about…

Planning posters are shared each week to D Group leaders.  They in turn share the posters with their groups.  The poster includes scriptures with questions so that each participant is able to do some homework and then share any understandings they have or ask questions to further help their understandings.

Because the D-Groups have been working successfully online the decision was made to continue them using online platforms.  This enabled those who work or need to settle children without the need for a babysitter to choose a convenient time for all without having to leave their homes. 

They do however, set some face to face meeting times to have dinner together or plan whanau (family) gatherings and there are face to face D-group meetings that run during the week when children are at school.. 


D Group Planning

The planning poster example on this page is what is shared with leaders and then their groups.

Below is a snippet of the planning that is shared with just leaders in order for them to develop the discussion as well as discussion points.

example of planning.png
Alignment Wk 2.png
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