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IGNITE Children's Church

whanau love

Our Vision as a church is Meet people, Meet God.  We want to make it easy for people to meet God while doing LIFE together, this includes our tamariki.

Therefore the name "Ignite Children's Church" comes from our desire to Ignite the light of Christ in our tamariki from the main corporate service into their own service.

The teachings are bite sized and interspersed with activities that help consolidate what they have just learned.

We want the whole whanau to be able to meet God no matter what their age.  Therefore we are discipling not only parents but children where they are at.



"We want the whole whanau to meet God where they are at..."
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How does ICC run?

We started ICC in 2021 to run alongside our Corporate Sunday services.  We use the 5K routine because of the timeframe and so that our tamariki know what they are doing and where they are doing it.

Our RKC routine:

Karakia - Prayer to bless the children and their church and                  for prayer for Kai (food)

Kai (at the table)

Korikori tinana (Physical Activity)

Kia Mau - Ready to learn (Teaching and workbooks or                         crafts)

Kemu (Game) finish 

As soon as children move to the learning mat, we are teaching from planned lessons and activities.

We always like to end on a game, so have been intentional with this activity.

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go,And when he is old he will not depart from it." depart from it.
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What are the children learning?

An example of our planning for ICC.

The teachers of ICC is overseen by Ps Monz and led by Charity Puna.  We have a roster of 4 teachers including Charity and helpers who help with managing our tamariki. We are so grateful to these wonderful volunteers.

Our planning sets prompts or points to help us work through the teaching but we do not want a long drawn out lesson.  So we try to add a bit more to their understanding each time we meet.

We also rely on our activities to match the learning so that it consolidates the points made.

Our younger tamariki love this so it is here for parents to quickly find.

Our Eldership made a decision to keep our U2 year olds in church with their parents in 2022.

We have set up a Mums and Bubs area, where bubs can play and Mums can still listen to the Word being shared.

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