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MIA (Ministry in Action) Church Service

Ps Monz


Our MIA church service are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Pastor Monique Ngatoro leads MIA services in collaboration with Ps Frank Ngatoro.  Each of our Meeting Place Values informs everything we do, and is really evident in our Ministry in Action Church Service. In order to serve our community with an unfailing attitude of LOVE we are INTENTIONAL about learning and understanding what God has called us to do. We believe our FAITH in Jesus produces actions that bring glory to God.  Therefore we believe what the Bible says that EVERYONE who is part of Meeting Place should elevate their ministry to imitate Jesus by putting our faith into action.  MIA sets a safe space to practice and apply the Kingdom Principles spoken about by Jesus, His Apostles and Prophets throughout the Bible. 

Ps Monz
The things which you learned and received and heard, these do... and the God of peace will be with you
Philipians 4:9

Meeting Place Gisborne's Pastors have always been committed to Jesus and His ministry of salvation through repentance (Mark 16:15 and Luke 24:47) as well as the spiritual gifts we receive through the baptism of The Holy Spirit once Jesus ascended to be at the right hand of our Father in Heaven.  Jesus said to His disciples that they would do greater works than He did because He would be with God in Heaven.  He also said whatever we ask in His name that it will happen for us so that God is glorified. (paraphrased from John 14:12&13)

During this service we actively develop Kingdom mindsets, actions and understandings to imitate the life of Jesus. Essentially MIA is our practical application of biblical principles and how we should be actioning our faith.

Te Atakura, Geraldine & Ps Frank

What is MIA about

MIA 2023 will incorporate our Discipleship Group (D Group) principles and is planned by Ps Monz.  In 2023 we will be asking our church members to actively pray and seek God about their understandings of The Word of God and God's purpose for them.

MIA includes:

  • prayer life - soaking, declarative and warfare

  • speaking life into families, friends and themselves

  • praying for our communities

  • prioritising God

  • being equipped in the gifts they have been given by God for His glory.

Group workshops are about sharing or developing each others experiences so far in order to know what to avoid or what we should focus on or practice. 

This is also a time when the experience of our Pastors is utilised to help our church to understand how the Word (Bible) relates to our practice and also stepping out tips of what to avoid or what to include while practicing our faith through activation activities.

Ana sharing during MIA

What does a MIA service look like?

So far in MIA we understand and have practiced:

  • The Bible is important to our relationship with God but also helps us discern the spirit/Spirit.

  • Fellowship keeps us close to the fire, it helps with relationships with each other and understanding our relationship with God through the experiences of our church people.

  • If we have a Word from the Lord, we should pray for the meaning.

  • Do not ignore what goes through your mind, pray about it.

  • We should write down in a journal and date any dreams, visions or words given to us by God.

  • How to listen for The Lord.

  • How to speak life and encouragement.

  • When is a prayer for someone else a physical healing prayer or a past trauma healing prayer. 

  • Our prayers are meaningful, no matter what they sound like, trust that God knows our heart.

  • That speaking to people about our faith is not comfortable for some but it is something we should practice more. 

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